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An Adventure That Takes You above+beyond®

An internship is your chance to move forward in your chosen profession. It can be both a learning and growing experience that puts you a step above+beyond when looking to start your next career adventure.

Through our internship program, accounting, audit, tax, wealth management and IT students get practical, on-the-job experience, as well as an opportunity to assess their interest in a career path with our firm. Many interns continue on with the firm as student workers and then assume full-time positions after graduation.

As an intern, you’ll:

  • Feel supported
  • Start with your feet on the ground and learn what’s in every direction
  • Be a professional while having fun
  • And, at the end of the journey, be a step ahead

Ready to start your adventure?

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Coming to a Campus Near You

  • 4/4/2024 – Hutchinson Community College, Career Connections Fair
  • 4/10/2024 – Newman University Jet-Set Career Mixer
  • 4/10/2024 – Park University, Spring 2024 Career Fair
  • 4/10/2024 – Rockhurst University, Dinner With Professionals
  • 4/24/2024 – Wichita State University, Accounting & Finance Career Fair

What You Can Expect

A Go-To Guide

Your dedicated internship site coordinator will serve as your “go-to guide” throughout your internship. Our internship program is designed to provide exposure to all areas of public accounting. Together with your site coordinator, you will complete a checklist of assignments. Through this checklist process, our interns gain exposure to not only all areas of tax accounting, but also to auditing, financial services, payroll & bookkeeping, compilation and forecasting.

Flexible Work Schedules

Internships are provided year-round. Our schedule is flexible to accommodate part-time or full-time work. The firm will coordinate with your college class schedule in order to design a work schedule that is suitable to your needs.

Network of Opportunities

At the completion of your internship, both a performance review and an exit interview will be conducted. As part of this process, we will determine if your career goals for the future align with open positions in our firm.

Unmatched Experience

Our internship program allows you insight into the following services and experiences:

  • Tax returns
  • Compilations
  • Prelim & field work audit exposure
  • Financial services exposure
  • Payroll & bookkeeping
  • Client interview sit-ins
  • Staff and committee meetings
  • Tell Our Story Day
  • 1-on-1 with an Adams Brown employee