Business Valuations

Determining the Value of Your Business

Business valuations can help you and your business succeed – whether it’s a new or established operation. A business valuation provides a comprehensive review of your business, digging deeper than information provided in tax returns or financial statements.

Business valuations are conducted by specially trained financial professionals that evaluate various factors including financial statements, revenue, profitability, assets, liabilities, market conditions, customer base, risk factors and economic conditions. While the goal, depending on your needs, is an independent conclusion of value or calculation of value, the final report also contains important information about the strengths and weaknesses that offer clues on how to maximize the value of your business. This includes the impacts of competitors, workforce productivity, industry situations, forecasts of future growth and more.

Once you know you’re working with, action can be taken to maximize your businesses’ value. It also helps business owners or c-suite managers when negotiating a strategic sale of their business, minimizing the financial risk in matters of litigation including corporate dissolution and marital disputes, reducing taxation concerning gift or estate taxes and more.

When a Business Valuation May be Appropriate

  • Investments: mergers and acquisitions, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) valuations, sale of a business, succession planning, goodwill valuation and quality of earnings determinations
  • Taxation issues: estate and gift tax compliance, capital gains tax issues, tax disputes with a government entity, stock compensation and non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Financial reporting: compliance with purchase price allocation requirements and intangible assets and goodwill impairment requirements
  • Litigation: partnership & shareholder disputes, determination of business damages or lost profits marital dissolution, bankruptcy court proceedings, intellectual property valuations and probate proceedings



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