Caring for the health of your patients and business

Dentistry, at its heart, is more than just about ensuring radiant smiles and optimal oral health. It’s also deeply intertwined with the financial wellbeing and stability of the dental practice itself. While dental school equips professionals with a prime focus on patient care, mastering business acumen is not always top of mind.

All the change happening in the dental industry is now the new normal, and this makes owning or managing a practice even more challenging and stressful. To name a few, dentists are facing inflationary costs that don’t match insurance reimbursements, dwindling patient acceptance of preventative care and increasing finance costs for equipment. No wonder many dental professionals may be considering alternatives to owning their own practices.

Dentists must continually keep up and respond to the shifting landscape – everything from advances in technologies to financial and operational challenges to pressures for a sale, merger or acquisition.

In an industry where both science and business are in perpetual motion, having a steadfast ally and dental CPA becomes important. A principal who understands the intricacies of your practice can seamlessly manage operational challenges, allowing you to focus on patient-centric care.



“The Adams Brown team is amazing to work with. They know their stuff and will make sure to represent you well! Thank you for all you have done to assist me in some big deals, and I look forward to our continued relationship.”

Yona Rasynouvong – DDS, Wichita, KS


Solutions for Dentists

Agreed Upon Procedures, Review and Compilations

Services for providing insight into the accuracy and validity of your dental practice or group’s accounting and financial information to discover and correct issues, install controls, assist with financial decision making and respond to 3rd party financial information requests.

Learn More about agreed upon procedures and reviews and compilations.

Business Advisory and Consulting

Along with practicing dentistry comes the challenges of running the business. When you dedicate time to running your practice, that takes away from the time you can spend with patients. Working with an advisor to help you achieve the goals you have for the practice is a way to move the needle more quickly.

For dentists seeking guidance in areas such as strategic planning, growth opportunities, business transformations, or selling, merging or transitioning their practices.

Learn more about business advisory and consulting services.

Outsourced Client Accounting

For dentist practices or groups seeking to make managing their business easier via outsourcing back-office accounting functions like:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Analyzing areas for automation
  • Implementing cloud-based solutions
  • Training staff on new software and procedures

Learn more about how dentists use outsourced accounting.

Practice Analysis

Are you getting every bit of profitability out of your practice that you can, especially with insurance headwinds? This solution is designed to help you uncover opportunities to boost profitability, build capacity to treat more patients and achieve the goals you have for your practice.

Practice Startup

Dental practice ownership is an exciting time for every dentist. And it’s a lot of work! You’ll need a team of advisors to make sure everything is in place so you can focus on patient care. Whether you’ve started a practice before, or this is your first, a dental practice advisor can make sure you’re set up for success and open on time.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Businesses

Tax minimization strategies and tactics at the corporate level with a focus on capturing relevant federal and state incentives, credits and deductions for dental practice or groups.

Learn more about tax and compliance for businesses.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Individuals

Tax minimization strategies and tactics for dental practices or groups with a focus on opportunities under the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act and recent changes to state tax requirements. We also help with tax strategies related to succession planning and exiting the business.

Learn more about individual tax planning and compliance.


For dental practices and groups seeking technology support to help streamline and enhance their business operations while securing valuable patient data from bad actors and cyber threats.

Learn more about technology services.

Wealth Management

We help dentists and physicians like you develop and implement customized strategies for achieving long-term goals, strengthening your financial security and maintaining your quality of life.

Learn more about wealth management services.