Minimizing Your Risk and Tax Burden

Tax advisory services are invaluable to business owners. Taxation is complicated, but tax planning services can help you with a combination of knowledge, consultation, strategies, tools and technologies to minimize tax burdens and maintain compliance with tax reporting and payment obligations. 

Tax compliance keeps you on the right side of the law. Tax advisory services provide you with access to certified public accountants (CPAs) who stay up-to-date on the constantly changing regulation so you don’t have to. From simpler tax returns for business executives to complicated business taxes returns that span cities, counties and state jurisdictions, you need help ensuring you’re paying the required taxes, no more and no less. By paying only the taxes you are legally obligated to pay, you can achieve financial goals faster. 



“I have had the pleasure of working with Adams Brown for tax filing as both an individual and a small business owner for several years.  My advisor is professional, prompt, highly competent and reliable. My questions are never too small or too silly, and this makes me feel like they genuinely care about the success of my business.”

Amy McNary – Benton, KS


Tax Services We Offer

Business Tax

Tax planning, consulting, compliance and reporting services are available to businesses throughout Kansas, Arkansas and the nation. After identifying tax issues and risks, innovative and customized solutions are created to minimize tax burdens.

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Individual Tax for Business Owners

Tax advisory services are crafted to help individuals and families minimize their tax burdens and preserve wealth through proactive tax planning, consulting and implementation. Navigating the confusing maze of changing tax laws and regulations helps you receive strategies to save you money.

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Estate, Trust and Gift Planning

Ensure your wishes are met when it comes to your finances. Solutions include estate, trust, gift planning and consulting services. Your business is your largest asset, and you need to consider how it impacts your estate plan to ensure that you have the funding you need during retirement.

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State and Local Tax

With every taxing jurisdiction out there looking to increase their tax base, businesses and individuals may have more tax requirements than they even know. This is further complicated by the sheer number of never-ending changes these tax jurisdictions make. By staying up-to-date and monitoring these changes, you’ll get a full understanding of your state and local tax (SALT) reporting requirements. 

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Credits & Incentives

When it comes to minimizing your tax burden, the most important tools available to taxpayers are federal and state tax credits, incentives and deductions. These range from research and development credits to energy-efficient home credits to child day care assistance credits and more. 

Tax credits, incentives and deductions can be used for startup businesses to encourage investors to participate in low-income housing opportunities or even for plugging abandoned oil wells. As policies and priorities shift at both the federal and state level of government, legislators are continually crafting and bringing new tax credit opportunities to life. When you know about them, you can take advantage of them to help fuel your business.

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Cost Segregation

A cost segregation study uncovers value by identifying the parts of a building that can be reclassified as personal property for tax reporting purposes. Building components that are considered personal property or land improvements under the federal tax code often are subject to shorter depreciation periods, enabling owners to reduce current income taxes and improve cash flow.

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