Oil & Gas

Drilling into challenges and exploring financial opportunities

Dealing with commoditization, long periods of boom or bust, pricing fluctuations and generational gaps in the workforce, among a host of other issues, makes how you manage the accounting, finance and operations of your upstream oil and gas business a monumental challenge. Adding international politics and policies into the mix creates unknowns that change daily, all of which impact your top and bottom lines. As a result, you may face critical challenges including dealing with commodity pricing, over burdensome regulations and the quality and quantity of the workforce, to name a few.

Upstream energy businesses call on us to guide them through the multitude of obstacles they face like operations, production, regulatory, financial and taxation issues. These businesses include small and medium-size independent oil field service companies, exploration and production and refining companies, engineering (project management and construction) companies and engineering consulting firms.

Though there are certainly challenges in the energy industry, the future is bright, and opportunities are abundant.



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Solutions for Oil & Gas

Agreed Upon Procedures, Review and Compilations

Services for providing insight into the accuracy and validity of your oil or gas business’ accounting and financial information to discover and correct issues, install controls, assist with financial decision making and respond to 3rd party financial information requests.

Learn more about agreed upon procedures and reviews and compilations.

Business Advisory and Consulting

For oil and gas businesses seeking guidance in areas such as strategic planning, growth opportunities, business transformations, or selling, merging or transitioning their businesses in response to new situations.

Learn more about business advisory and consulting services.

Outsourced Client Accounting

For oil and gas companies seeking to make managing their business easier via outsourcing back office accounting functions like:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Analyzing areas for automation
  • Implementing cloud-based solutions
  • Training staff on new software and procedures.

Learn more about outsourced accounting.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Businesses

Tax minimization strategies and tactics at the corporate level with a focus on capturing relevant federal and State of Kansas incentives, credits and deductions for oil and gas companies.

Learn more about tax planning and compliance for businesses.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Individuals

Tax minimization strategies and tactics for individual oil and gas company owners with a focus on opportunities under the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act and recent changes to State of Kansas tax requirements. We also help with tax strategies related to succession planning and exiting the business.

Learn more about tax planning and compliance for individuals.


For oil and gas companies seeking technology support to help streamline and enhance their business operations while securing valuable data from bad actors and cyber threats.

Learn more about technology services.

Wealth Management

We help oil and gas company owners and their families develop and implement customized strategies for achieving long-term goals, strengthening your financial security and maintaining your quality of life.

Learn more about wealth management services.