Advisory & Consulting

Making Your Business Stronger

Advisory and consulting services can help you improve your business with an added level of outside expertise. For example, if you’re concerned with increasing profitability, you need insights on how to go about it using the most effective methods. If you’re thinking of selling your business, you need to understand your options to determine which ones make the most sense for you.

Your business is unique. The advice and counsel you receive should be, too. With a wide array of options to set you up for success, you can get the exact roadmap you need to help navigate your continued and future success.



“[They provide] trustworthy solid advice in an ever-changing world.”

David Thiessen – 5T, Inc., Inman, KS


Advisory & Consulting Services We Offer

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business owners often need assistance when they’re looking to buy or sell. These services help you prepare your business for sale by working with bankers, attorneys and other professionals to ensure it’s done in a tax efficient manner. This also includes calculating the value of the business, evaluating entity structures and much more — all to help you make educated decisions around a transaction.

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Business Valuations

Business owners need to know what their business is worth for a variety of reasons. The need for a business valuation could be sparked by a merger or acquisition, in the case of shareholder disputes, a divorce, or even for the purpose of making gifts as part of the estate planning process. This is not a calculation of a business that multiplies revenue. Rather, it dives into many aspects of a business to come up with a holistic value.

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Litigation Support

No one wants to go to court, but business disputes do happen. In those situations, CPAs work with attorneys as they prepare cases for trial. CPAs often develop an opinion on a complex accounting, business valuation or tax issue that is involved in a dispute. Digging into the facts and quantifying the monetary aspects helps attorneys build stronger cases for their business clients.

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Succession Planning

Every business needs to be transferred to another owner at some point in time. No two business owners will exit in the same way. This starts with determining what succession can look like and presenting you with options to consider. You reap the biggest benefits when succession planning is completed well in advance of a change.

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Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately, fraud does happen in businesses, and many owners are underprepared to identify and deal with it appropriately. Starting with a risk assessment helps you build better internal controls to reduce the risk. And if you think fraud has occurred, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) can dig in and see where it may be occurring and quantify the amount you have lost.

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