Local Government

Serving the public through challenges and opportunities

Today the public sector faces critical challenges and uphill battles on many fronts.

Solving these challenges requires you to find balance between competing demands for resources, political headwinds and quality of life issues. Drawing the battle lines requires skilled leadership, conscientious and dedicated employees and trusted advisors that have the experience and expertise to identify solutions, options and opportunities.

The key challenges you may face include accommodating constantly changing and complex accounting standards, regulations and financial reporting demands, managing within limited operating budgets because of tax lids, as well as recruiting and retaining quality public service employees.

Local government, public sector and municipal entities including counties, cities, townships, school districts, recreation commissions and cemeteries look to us for operational, regulatory compliance, internal controls and fraud and process improvement advice and solutions.

When challenged, opportunity arises to innovate and enhance the positive impact you have on your communities.



“Our IT advisor was top notch and helped us with great skill and humor. Our outstanding accountant was also of great help. Even though our needs and questions may have been tedious, they exhibited no sense of annoyance whatsoever. They offered advice and support that’s unparalleled.”

Owen Freiburger – Mayor, City of Utica, Kansas


Solutions for Local Governments

Agreed Upon Procedures, Review and Compilations

Services for providing insight into the accuracy and validity of your local government’s accounting and financial information to discover and correct issues, install controls, assist with financial decision making and respond to 3rd party financial information requests.

Learn more about agreed upon procedures and reviews and compilations.

Audits & Attestation

To describe a municipality’s financial health, management teams, boards, shareholders and other stakeholders need financial statement audits. This includes the accuracy of its financial statements today as well as tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

Learn more about audit and attestation services.

Business Advisory and Consulting

For local governments seeking guidance in areas such as process improvement, strategic planning, new compliance requirements or in response to new situations.

Learn more about business advisory and consulting services.

Outsourced Client Accounting

For local governments seeking to make managing their financial operations via outsourcing back-office accounting functions like:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Analyzing areas for automation
  • Implementing cloud-based solutions
  • Training staff on new software and procedures.

Learn more about outsourced accounting.


For local governments seeking technology support to help streamline and enhance their operations while securing valuable taxpayer data from bad actors and cyber threats.

Learn more about technology services.