Adams Brown Cybersecurity Helps Leaders Protect and Prepare For Breaches

Every 11 seconds, a business experiences a ransomware attack. Only a small number of businesses are actually prepared to defend themselves. As a result, they lose $200,000 on average for a single attack.

Data breaches, IT outages, faulty backups and an ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks put small businesses and municipalities at risk. Technology brings many opportunities, but it also brings risks that many small businesses are not prepared to mitigate.

To help business owners manage these technology challenges and protect their systems, Adams Brown, a U.S.-based top 120 accounting and advisory firm, has launched Adams Brown Cybersecurity and a suite of technology advisory services.

Veteran IT professional Chris Schneider leads the practice area, working with businesses to create holistic cybersecurity plans customized to meet the needs of business owners looking to supplement their existing IT team or to fill in the gaps when they don’t have IT resources.

“Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats to businesses with nearly half of all attacks being directed specifically toward small businesses,” Schneider said. “That’s why it’s so important for business owners to identify best practices and understand where they can improve plans and procedures.”

In addition to cybersecurity services, the firm will also help businesses in the areas of data privacy and PCI compliance. With technology consulting, Adams Brown can serve as a backup to an IT team helping with everything from vendor selection to system integration to process optimization.

Technology is critical to small business growth according to a new report released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in late August. Today, 93% of small businesses use at least one technology solution, with most owners using an average of three. These technology platforms have become essential to how these businesses operate – without access, nearly three in four businesses will struggle to survive.

“The increasing reliance on technology coupled with the large number of cybercrimes that impact businesses of all sizes in every geography around the U.S. is why we knew we had to launch a Cybersecurity division,” said Chad Somers, COO for Adams Brown. “Our clients and small to mid-size businesses across the Midwest need best-in-class resources and expertise to help them manage their computer networks and stay ahead of cyber threats.”

To secure these investments, organizations need to protect themselves from the bad actors looking to get access to company data, records and hard-earned revenue. Now that small businesses and municipalities are being targeted, this risk cannot be ignored.