Cybersecurity Services

Closing cyber gaps and planning for the future

The average cyberattack costs about $200,000. These attacks may be easier to accomplish than you might think. Cybercriminals can hack into 93% of company networks, and that can happen in a matter of days or hours.

As cyberattacks evolve and become more complex, sophisticated and hard to detect, leaders need to do a better job of safeguarding their organizations. Cybersecurity has moved past an IT or tech issue; it’s now a whole business issue with insurability implications. Organizations now must take steps to prevent cybersecurity claims, like any other type of risk management.

One of the best places to start is with a cybersecurity assessment, which goes above and beyond basic network security. For example, you might not be aware which versions of software your employees are using or how many devices are actually hooked up to your company network. These are common scenarios that give rise to cybersecurity breaches.

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are just two of the cybersecurity services that can identify risks like these. With additional options like dark web scanning, employee cybersecurity risk scoring and simulated phishing tests, your organization has the complete picture for baseline cybersecurity readiness. The assessment can be taken a step further to show you how a hacker could use gaps in your network security against you … then how to prevent that from happening.

These combined penetration tests and simulations are something that most third-party cybersecurity providers don’t offer.

By working alongside your IT team to evaluate cybersecurity policies and procedures, you’ll get a holistic view of how your employees perceive and understand cyber risks. You’ll also receive support to help you meet CIS/NIST regulatory frameworks.

Ultimately, your organization will develop a tech roadmap and gain clarity into how your cybersecurity tools are used.

Technology makes the world a better place, but in the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on an organization’s data, assets and people. Whatever the risk profile or level of support you need, Adams Brown Cybersecurity services can bridge the gap and help your organization become more secure and better protected.



“Your [cybersecurity audit] presentation confirmed some of our beliefs; substantiated with processes and research to make it meaningful. There were some surprises, but the reasoning made for a clearer picture. The [IT team] felt strongly that your audit was valuable and gave us good insight on our needs and vulnerabilities along with possible solutions.”

Fred Dierksen, EdD – Superintendent, Dodge City School District, Dodge City, KS


Cybersecurity Tools and Resources

Tools and software packages available to help your organization proactively manage ongoing cybersecurity needs:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training and education
  • Asset inventory tracking
  • Policy tracking tool
  • Cyberattack simulations
  • Advanced email security
  • Vulnerability scans and penetration tests
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Advanced endpoint detection and 24/7 SOC readiness through XDR, which covers IoT
  • Multi-factor authentication for hybrid and remote users
  • Network control management

Our software can often be made available at a lower rate than buying direct, another benefit for organizations like yours.