Technology Advisory Services

Using Today’s Technology to Safeguard Your Organization’s Future

A robust IT environment relies on more than just technology. The tools are important, but without the right combination of people, processes and policies, your organization will still be vulnerable to cyberattacks and data privacy risks.

Holistic cybersecurity services fill the gap that may exist when your IT team is understaffed, too busy or you just need help figuring out where to start.

Each of the following technology advisory services can be fully customized to fit your organization’s specific IT risks so you gain peace of mind with a more secure network.



“I wanted to take a minute and thank Adams Brown for the valuable insight you have afforded my district and, specifically, the IT department. The work you conducted along with the presentation of findings was informative and meaningful.”

Fred Dierksen, EdD – Superintendent, Dodge City School District, Dodge City, KS


Technology Advisory Services We Offer


As cyberattacks evolve and become more complex, sophisticated and hard to detect, leaders need to do a better job of safeguarding their organizations. Cybersecurity has moved past an IT or tech issue; it’s now a whole business issue with insurability implications. Organizations now must take steps to prevent cybersecurity claims, like any other type of risk management.

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Data Privacy

If your organization fell victim to a hacker, what data could you lose and how would it impact your business? As the risk of falling victim to a cyber attack grows, data privacy services address the proper storage, access, retention and security of your businesses’ data – for you and your customers.  

Technology Consulting

When it comes to technology, there are so many areas to focus on. It’s easy to miss even routine software patches, let alone have time to develop a forward-thinking tech strategy or evaluate different solutions for your tech stack. These are whole business problems that impact more than IT and need whole business solutions that are adaptable, flexible and meet you exactly where you are.

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PCI Compliance

If you accept payment via credit or debit cards, credit card companies likely require you to be payment card industry (PCI) compliant. There are multiple steps involved with PCI compliance, but the end goal involves taking steps to secure and protect a cardholder’s credit card data through card processing transactions. 

Technology Strategy (vCIO)

From software selection and training to cybersecurity education, IT staffing reviews, budgeting or building a technology roadmap, an outsourced or virtual chief information officer (vCIO) can help you accomplish your technology goals. This starts with by getting to know what you want to accomplish, building a plan to help get you there and then executing the plan.

CMMC Compliance

In today’s digital age, there is a significant increase in data compromises. Department of Defense (DoD) contractors and subcontractors must soon comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification 2.0 (CMMC) standard designed to help keep sensitive information critical to national security out of the wrong hands. CMMC services are designed to help protect your business and ultimately the defense industrial base from cyberattacks. 

Industry Specializations for Technology Advisory Services