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About McPherson, KS

In McPherson, Kansas, a blend of traditional and emerging industries creates a vibrant economic outlook that powers the city’s growth and prosperity. At the heart of this economic landscape is a strong manufacturing sector renowned for its diversity spanning automotive components, plastics, chemical production and building materials. This industry capitalizes on McPherson’s strategic geographic location which offers significant logistical advantages, provides access to key markets and makes it a central pillar of the local economy.

Complementing manufacturing, the energy sector focuses on oil refining marking another critical component of McPherson’s industrial base. The presence of a major oil refinery not only underscores the city’s significant contribution to the regional and state economy but also provides a substantial source of employment which reinforces the city’s role in the energy domain.

Agriculture continues to be an essential element of the local economy. McPherson’s agricultural landscape is diverse with a mix of crop production and livestock farming that benefits from the area’s rich agricultural heritage and adoption of modern farming technologies.

Serving the McPherson Community

When a local company faces financial reporting, compliance, assurance or growth challenges, they turn to Adams Brown for help. Across Kansas and the country, we provide audit and attestation, advisory and consulting, outsourced accounting, payroll, tax, technology and wealth management services.

With specialized knowledge and experience serving the agriculture, construction, dentist & physician, local government and manufacturing industries, our team stands ready to assist.

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