Jess Camp’s journey is not just about her impressive career trajectory but also her passion for BBQ competitions, a hobby that exemplifies Adams Brown’s culture of work-life balance and pursuing personal interests.

Early Beginnings and Career Path

Jess’s story began in Central Kansas, where growing up on a farm instilled a strong sense of community and work ethic. These roots followed her to Kansas State University, where she met her husband. Their move to Kansas City marked the start of Jess’s career in human resources (HR), first with engineers and later in the accounting industry.

A Flavorful Passion: BBQ Competitions

Alongside her HR career, Jess has cultivated an enthusiasm for BBQ, a hobby started through her husband’s love for cooking for others during college get-togethers and neighborhood driveway gatherings. Beginning in 2007 with a modest $100 smoker and a 10×10 tent, their BBQ journey has evolved into a significant part of their lives. The duo now boasts a custom-built smoker and rig along with a food truck operation.

Their prowess was nationally recognized at the 2019 American Royal, where they placed third among over 490 teams and achieved perfect scores in chicken and pork. In 2023, Jess’s husband flew the BBQ flag solo, securing 50th place out of 450 teams and a first-place trophy in chicken with a perfect score.

“Our leaders continually verbalize the importance of family, taking time off and finding passions outside of the office that reenergize me,” said Camp. “They exemplify these values in their actions, and I am appreciative of a firm that enables me to echo this balance in my own life.”

Work-Life Synergy at Adams Brown

The leadership’s commitment to work-life balance is more than just talk. This culture has allowed Jess to thrive professionally and in her personal pursuits. Her role at Adams Brown is a testament to this philosophy, offering her the flexibility to balance her professional duties with her BBQ competitions, family commitments and attending her children’s school events.

Balance is celebrated. Personal fulfillment outside work enriches our professional environment. Jess’s journey, from the crop fields of Kansas to the smoky arenas of BBQ competitions and the corridors of corporate leadership, is a story of passion, dedication and stability.

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