There Are Forms for That!

Whether you’re moving across town or to a new city or state, we can all agree that moving is hard work.

In addition to packing and unpacking, you also need to update your address in numerous places.  To name a few:

  • Let your family and friends know.
  • Forward your mail.
  • Update your driver’s license with the DMV.
  • Update your voter registration.
  • Let your employer know for payroll, insurance, and paperwork purposes.
  • Inform any businesses from which you receive bills.

But what about your taxes?

You must also let the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) know you’ve moved.  According to multiple court cases, not receiving IRS notices because of recent relocation does not prevent you from being assessed penalties and interest.

How?  Written communication is the primary way the IRS corresponds with taxpayers when it comes to their tax return and tax issues.

You guessed it.  There’s an IRS form for that!

Change of Address: Form 8822

If you simply change your address on your upcoming tax return, this does not update your information in all of the IRS’ systems.  Therefore, official correspondence from the IRS may be mailed to your old address.

To report an address change, the IRS requires you to file a Change of Address Form (Form 8822).  Only one form is required for single or married taxpayers that are living together.

If it’s tax time, be sure to let your Adams Brown advisor know you’ve moved recently so the change of address form can be included with your income tax return.  This will ensure any future correspondence is mailed to your correct address.

For Kansas Taxpayers

For the State of Kansas, you can change your address by marking the “name or address change” box on your next filed Kansas Individual Income Tax Return (Form K-40).  Putting an “X” in this box prompts the State of Kansas to update their records appropriately when processing your return.

If you would like to communicate your change of address sooner than tax time,  you can file a Name or Address Change Form (Form DO-5) with the Kansas Department of Revenue Taxpayer Assistance Center. Jointly filing taxpayers can file just one Form DO-5 just like the Federal Form 8822 to update addresses with the Department of Revenue for both taxpayers. Keep in mind, each state has its own procedures for updating your address.

Moving is hard work.  Contact your Adams Brown advisor for assistance alleviating some of the burden.