A Simple Software Solution for Tax Season

When you think about tax season, do you think about your potential refund or the complicated process that leads up to it?  Starting with the January 2022 tax season, you’ll gain access to TaxCaddy, an automated and paperless system to organize and submit your tax documents to your accountant. Though your tax professional’s work is complicated, your part of the process shouldn’t be.

TaxCaddy is a new secure portal that cuts out a need for a visit to the Adams Brown office or the post office to send tax information through the mail. Using TaxCaddy is as easy as taking a photo of necessary tax documents and uploading them to the portal. This software can be used to:

  • Gather your 1040 tax documents
  • Send them to Adams Brown securely
  • Communicate with your Adams Brown tax advisor
  • Answer your information questionnaire
  • Sign documents like your engagement letter

By using TaxCaddy, you have a secure method of getting your information to your tax professional. Many people make the mistake of sending tax documents through unsecure websites or emails, which can put them at risk for identity theft. However, using the secure portal will ensure your sensitive information is kept safe.

Using TaxCaddy is Easy

  1. Sign Up – when you receive a TaxCaddy invitation email from Adams Brown later this year, click the “sign up free” button.
  2. Connect – Log into your TaxCaddy account and accept the connection request from Adams Brown, which will allow you to communicate with your tax advisor by sending and receiving messages, requests, letters, and other communication.
  3. Begin – Set up a link to your bank and brokerage accounts and let TaxCaddy automatically receive your documents or download the TaxCaddy app to take photographs of documents as you receive them.

As you gear up for another tax filing season, be on the lookout for more information about TaxCaddy and the benefits it brings to you.  Starting January 1, 2022, all clients will have access to this time-saving and secure tool. For help regarding TaxCaddy or tax preparation, contact your Adams Brown advisor today.