There are 12.3 million businesses owned by women in the U.S. – and thanks to triple-digit growth in female entrepreneurs over the last two decades, that number is climbing by the thousands every day[1]. This is good news for closing the gender gap and the economy, as Inc. points out that closing the gender gap can increase GDP by an average of 35 percent.

March is Women’s History Month. We are fortunate at Adams Brown to be surrounded by dozens of influential, knowledgeable women whose contributions are helping to move the firm and the profession forward. Recently, we asked some of them what advice they would give to women in business. Their responses are meaningful, empowering, and honest.


Susan Day, CPA

Principal and Tax Service Line Leader

Something I wish someone would have told me early on in my career:

Make time to take care of you: it’s not selfish, it’s a necessity. Women are excellent multi-taskers working hard in our businesses, caring for our families and being active in the community. All these things can bring fulfillment, but if you don’t carve out some time to refill your cup, eventually there isn’t any left to give.

Oh, and sleep. Always make time for sleep.


Meagan Wellbrock, CPA

Principal, Audit & Attestation Service Line Leader

  • Believe that you are an equal because you are
  • Follow your gut
  • Believe in your people
  • Empathize with others
  • No dream is too small




Julie Wondra, CPA

Principal, Manufacturing Industry Leader

  • Be Confident – you will face many obstacles and there will be difficult times – being confident will get you through these times.
  • Don’t Sell Yourself Short & Know Your Worth – It’s easy to get steamrolled but give yourself the tools and training you need to succeed and be the best in your field.
  • Build a Supportive and Collaborative Team – this also includes networking and minimizing negative people.

Local Resources for Women in Business

Are you a female entrepreneur and business owner? Part of business success is knowing where to turn for resources, whether it’s financial, mentoring, networking, training, or otherwise.

Also keep in mind that COVID-19 has hit women business owners harder across the board. For questions on the latest COVID-19 business guidance, visit our Resource Center. There are many ways to put money back into the business through tax credits and incentives, and your Adams Brown advisor can help identify which options are right for you.

The following links have been independently vetted for relevance and reliability. For more resources, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or county government for other resources for women in business near you.

Did we miss anything? Contact us and we’ll add to the list.



  • Missouri Women’s Business Center
    • “MoWBC provides resources, support, and networks for women seeking to grow or start their own businesses.”
  • Directory of Minority and Women Organizations (Kansas City, MO)
    • “The following list provides information for contacting some minority and women business organizations and publications.”
    • MWDBE Workshop Schedule
  • Black Women Business Startups (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
    • “This report, based on national data and a series of interviews with black women business owners, presents a summary of business owners’ motivation, challenges, support and financial trends.”
  • OneKC for Women
    • “OneKC for Women is an umbrella alliance that brings together several organizations, each with unique roles, all dedicated to providing resources, opportunities and connections for women.”
  • SCORE Kansas City
    • “Free business mentoring in the Kansas City, MO area”
  • New Growth Women’s Business Center
    • “We work with rural entrepreneurs in all stages of business development and growth.”
  • Missouri Grant Watch
    • Grants for women entrepreneurs, seed money to individual women, plus college grants, enterprise grants, and grants for minority women.


Other Resources for Women in Industry

It’s proven that companies perform better when more women hold key leadership positions. If we can help your business succeed, don’t hesitate to reach out.