How Automation and Outsourcing Help Boost Efficiency and Profitability


There is a lot written on the reasons you should outsource and automate financial functions. This white paper takes a different approach by concentrating on how automation and outsourcing fit into a modern corporate finance department.

First, you’ll see how finance departments are structured including what they should do, who does what and how tasks can be done better and less expensively. In the end, you will have a roadmap to build an efficient in-house financial department and know when you should augment its work with automation products and outsourced services.

Finally, you’ll see how this will work in future finance departments. Understanding today is critical to knowing tomorrow.

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • The anatomy of a modern corporate financial department
  • Tasks performed by corporate financial departments
  • The evolution of a financial department
  • Where automation and outsourcing fit into the development of a financial department
  • Should you automate or outsource?
  • What financial departments can become