Let Technology Simplify Your Business

We’ve all heard or experienced the saying that goes something like, “there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

While it’s not possible to add physical hours to your day, it is possible to implement an app or two that make running your general ledger program – like QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online – easier and more efficient.  When it comes to accounting and bookkeeping for your business, what would you do with the extra time that’s recently been freed up?

One of these apps is Bill.com.

Bill.com is a secure intelligent business payment platform that manages your bill payment needs.

  • Do you pay bills through third parties who don’t integrate with your QuickBooks?  Bill.com eliminates the double-entry that causes.
  • Do you pay your bills the ‘old-fashioned’ paper check way? This often includes steps like taking the paper bills to your accountant, having him or her write the check from QuickBooks, coming back to sign the checks, and then stuffing, stamping, and mailing the check.  This could take days, or sometimes, weeks!

The average time saved using Bill.com instead of the old-fashioned way is 73%. Think of all the other ways you could use that extra time!

The best thing about Bill.com? It’s easy to use!

With Bill.com:

  • You can pay your bills with the click of a button on your phone or computer from wherever you have an internet connection. There’s no need to sign paper checks when you can ACH payments from the comfort of your home or office!
  • You’ll never lose an invoice with its audit trail feature.
  • You’ll save time on data entry and be able to reconcile quickly by syncing the app with your accounting system, like QuickBooks.

Together, we can streamline your bill payment process and free up your time to work on other important aspects of your business.  It’s how you can actually get more done in the same number of hours each day.

To learn more about keeping your business running smoothly year-round and to inquire about pricing, contact your Adams Brown advisor today!