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Adams Brown, CPAs is a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm that provides payroll services to small and mid-sized businesses. Our payroll service can handle various pay types including salary and hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, expense reimbursement, allowance, and holiday pay. Our team works with companies in Kansas City, Wichita, and across Kansas. We have been consistently rated as a Top 200 Largest accounting firm in the U.S. by Inside Public Accounting.

Examples of businesses who have chosen to outsource their payroll:

  • A rapidly growing restaurant business that suddenly needed assistance managing the various payroll issues such as tips, hourly and salary wage issues.
  • A manufacturer that was working with a national provider, but felt they were not getting the attention and level of service needed, to ensure payroll was being properly managed.

Our team has access to the latest technology, tools, and resources to manage your changing payroll needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many business owners seek a payroll company that values attention to detail, stays current with the Department of Labor and other changes while bringing new ideas to the table. Concurrently, there is also a need for a high level of personalized service often lacking with large regional or national providers. Our goal is to make your payroll process easy, accurate, timely, and turnkey, so you can spend more time on strategic business matters.

Kansas Small Business Overview 

Small businesses in Kansas employee 605,147 people or just over 50% of the state’s private workforce. Companies with 20-99 employees have the largest share of small business employment. It is interesting to note that small businesses created 5,784 new net jobs in 2019 with the largest gains coming from employers with less than 20 staff members.


Now is the Time for Change

Let us face it the last thing management needs to be concerned about in the era of COVID-19 is whether payroll is being properly managed internally, or by an external provider. Our team stands ready to give your payroll function a boost through timely payments and accurate and organized recordkeeping and report submissions. Through various accounting software such as QuickBooks or other time reporting software our professional makes payroll easy.


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