Above+Beyond the Balance Sheet

Are you an accountant or CPA seeking a firm that values work-life balance and offers opportunities for professional growth? Do you crave a work environment that is both innovative and supportive, where your contributions are recognized and celebrated? If so, Adams Brown might just be the place you’re looking for.

Reasons to Work at Adams Brown

  • Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

Adams Brown understands the importance of balancing professional commitments with personal time. Flexible schedules and hybrid/remote working options are designed to accommodate our team’s varied needs, ensuring everyone can excel at work without compromising on life’s other priorities.

Our commitment to employee well-being is further demonstrated by closing offices at noon on Fridays outside of tax season, and designating Wednesday afternoons and Fridays as no-meeting zones, ensuring you do not have a week full of meetings.

“Adams Brown has been a breath of fresh air compared to where I came from. I am not micro-managed, and I am trusted to do my job. I also truly appreciate the flexibility and work-life balance.” – Wichita Office Team Member

  • Your Career, Our Priority

Understanding that each individual’s career path is unique, we offer tailored professional development that aligns with your goals. Adams Brown fosters a culture of continuous learning, offering various opportunities for professional development through workshops, trainings and mentorship programs.

“Adams Brown has supported me in the schedule that prioritizes work-life balance. The leaders here obviously care about their employees, which is not something I have experienced at other firms. I feel like I can grow at this firm, and that leadership WANTS me to grow here.” – Overland Park Office Team Member

96% of employees feel their supervisor treats them fairly.

  • A Fun & Collaborative Culture

At the heart of Adams Brown is a culture steeped in kindness and support. Our team members genuinely care for each other’s well-being. This camaraderie and mutual respect makes Adams Brown a place where people enjoy coming to work, collaborating and sharing successes.

93% of employees say their coworkers have mutual respect for one another.

We know the Wichita office makes great teammates, just look at these photos from their bi-weekly cornhole competition!

92.5% of employees are not afraid to be themselves at work.

  • Community Matters

Each year, Adams Brown offices close for a half-day of community service and a half-day of fun! These special days allow for an opportunity to give back to our communities and for team building outside the office.

Adams Brown volunteered at Heartland Farm. The team helped put on tomato cages, weed, trimmed trees and cleaned an alpaca.

  • A little bonus…

Our kitchens are stocked with snacks, and it’s common for staff to bring in treats, adding a little extra joy to the day. This generosity reflects the caring atmosphere of our firm, where small gestures of kindness are a regular occurrence.

“There is a wonderful culture here that values not only the clients, but the employees even more so. There isn’t a lot of pressure to work faster and make money. They don’t micro-manage the employees. There’s freedom to work around life such as family and other obligations. 1:1s provide constructive feedback rather than negative comments that tear a person down. There is room to grow and many paths to take that the firm helps employees find. Adams Brown is always looking for ways to improve rather than being satisfied with the status quo. This gives me confidence in Adams Brown having a long and prospering future.” – Wichita Office Team Member

Adams Brown is a workplace where your career can flourish and your personal life can be respected. If you’re looking for a place that aligns with your professional aspirations and personal needs, consider joining our team. Learn about current job openings.