‘Mount Destiny’ Encourages Readers to Discover the Outdoors

Imagine exploring the world’s highest mountain – Mount Destiny – with five friends, and along the way learning important lessons about the outdoors, respect, friendship, perseverance, and courage.

Oh, and you are Benjamin, a thylacine – commonly known as a Tasmanian tiger, now extinct, one of the world’s largest carnivorous marsupials. On your journey, you and your friends meet other animals and experience the natural beauty of the mountains, along with the timberline, cold, winds, crevasses, avalanches, and the challenges of high altitude.

Author and Adams Brown IT Support Specialist Christian J. Arthur was originally inspired to write Mount Destiny: Exploring the mountains by a young thylacine in 2010 when he was still getting his feet underneath him as a hiker. Today he is an avid outdoorsman, high-altitude climber, and hiker who seeks to share his love of the outdoors through his writing.

Staying busy as an IT professional at Adams Brown suggests that Christian has both an analytical and an artistic ethic. Ironically, in writing Mount Destiny, Christian not only wanted to introduce young readers to the wonder of the mountains but also encourage outdoor exploration and less attachment to electronics. He hopes Mount Destiny will spike his readers’ curiosity and wonder about spending time outdoors.

It was on a hiking trip that he was inspired to write a story for children so they could be inspired to have a spirit of adventure. He began writing in 2014 and the book was recently published. It is available on Amazon.

About Christian J Arthur

Christian discovered his mountain climbing passion on a trip to Colorado in 2008. Having the flexibility to pursue both professional and personal passions has attributed to his success both in the mountains and the office.

In addition, Christian is an avid researcher. Over the past 15 years, he has researched and interviewed people and scientists for future books. Christian plans to connect all his books into one large story to help future generations learn more about themselves. Planned topics include artificial intelligence, the future of mankind, robotics, and exploring the solar system and beyond.