Immersive Accounting Internships that Make a Difference

Adams Brown summer internships are a great way to discover which part of the accounting industry resonates with you the most. With positions in tax, audit, CAS and IT, internships are not one-size-fits-all.

To get a clearer picture of the program, we sat down with interns to get their takes on it. Here’s what they had to say about being an intern at Adams Brown.

Pictured: Summer interns at their full-service day. They helped clean and fix up certain areas of the Tanganyika zoo.

Q: Tell me about your overall internship program experience.

A: My overall internship program experience has been amazing. I have learned so much about the business world and grown professionally. I have gained valuable insight into the world of accounting and what my work life will look like after college. – Ben Bombardier, Audit Intern

A: My internship experience has been very valuable. I have learned how to work on projects, communicate with others and the many ins and outs of a data analyst job. It’s been a lot of fun and I feel like I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. – Andrew Nguyen, IT Intern

Q: What type of training and support do interns receive?

A: There were many resources given to me to help me learn the software and procedures that Adams Brown has implemented. The firm does a great job of preparing people and giving them time to learn. – Parker Hoopes, Tax Intern

A: The training videos were very helpful to watch at the beginning and refer to later. My intern site coordinator and other people in the office also helped me a lot. – Daelynn Peine, Tax Intern

Q: What did you like most about your internship?

A: I liked the flexibility and the great work-life balance. I truly enjoyed showing up to the internship, which is something I have not had before. – Chayton Pfannenstiel, IT Intern

A: The thing I liked most about the internship was the amount of responsibility I had because it allowed me to grow immensely. Friends I have who did other internships felt like they wasted a lot of time because they had nothing to do. – Ben Bombardier, Audit Intern

Q: What kind of projects do interns work on?

A: Adams Brown has kept me busy. Having a mentor right down the hall who has been a hands-on teacher each day has been the biggest factor in how much I’ve learned and how successful I’ve been. It also seems to be a unique aspect of the Adams Brown internship program. Having someone guide me through the internship program has been a huge comfort because so much of it is new to me. – Sarah McCammon, Audit Intern

Q: How does Adams Brown support the professional growth of its interns?

A: Based on my experience in my last internship, Adams Brown provides more hands-on opportunities and puts more trust in their interns. At my last internship, most of my responsibilities started with scanning and filing and helping the team with little things. Here at Adams Brown, I was treated like a regular employee throughout the internship and was given responsibility for important tasks. I felt Adams Brown did a much better job of providing experience in my field and showing me everything the company does. – Abbey Oborny, HR Intern

Q: What is the culture like at Adams Brown?

A: I really liked the flexibility and emphasis on work-life balance at Adams Brown. They really care for their employees and their well-being. – Daelynn Peine, Tax Intern

A: One of the best parts about Adams Brown is the people. There is a strong culture of kindness and understanding. Everyone is very caring and enthusiastic when you need help or just have a quick question. There is a lot of encouragement for success in your life outside of work as well, which is a very comforting environment to be in. They push you to learn and do as much as possible while also giving you the tools for success, which I find very important. – Parker Hoopes, Tax Intern

More About the Summer Internship Program

Adams Brown’s internship program offers a unique and enriching experience, far from the stereotype of mundane tasks and coffee runs. Our interns handle real work with real impact, gaining valuable skills and experience by working on client projects. Interns are trained to handle responsibilities similar to those of our full-time staff and are exposed to various areas of public accounting, including tax, audit, accounting, payroll and more.

The program is flexible, accommodating both part-time and full-time schedules to fit around college classes. Interns receive continuous learning and support through a dedicated internship site coordinator, who ensures they complete a checklist of assignments covering all key areas of accounting.

Interns can engage in a variety of activities depending on their department:

  • Tax Interns: Prepare tax returns, learn about various tax codes and gain software skills.
  • Audit Interns: Conduct fieldwork, participate in client meetings and work on diverse forms.
  • IT Interns: Develop applications, work on data analytics and partake in solution-oriented team meetings.
  • CAS Interns: Engage in bank reconciliations, assist with payroll and create reports, gaining proficiency in key accounting software.

The internship at Adams Brown provides a platform for professional growth and the opportunity to move up to student worker or full-time positions. Interns have access to resources like Becker CPA Materials, further supporting their career development.

An internship at Adams Brown is more than just a summer job; it’s a launching pad for a successful career in accounting.

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