With the near year comes a new sales tax rate for Thomas County, Kansas.

As of January 1, 2020, Thomas County’s sales tax rate increased to 8.25%.  

With this county-wide sales tax increase, combined tax rates for cities in Thomas County are now:

City: Combined Tax Rate:
Brewster 8.25%
Colby 9.00%
Gem 8.25%
Menlo 8.25%
Oakley (Thomas) 8.75%
Rexford 8.25%

Voters in the September 2019 election approved this increase to finish the criminal justice center in Colby.  Additionally, any leftover funds will be used to help renovate the Thomas County Courthouse.

  • If you own a business or do business in Thomas County, make sure you aren’t under-collecting sales tax. Be sure to adjust this rate in your accounting system!
  • If you’re a consumer in Thomas County, you’ll notice this one-quarter-cent sales tax increase when it comes time to pay a bill or check out at the grocery store.

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