Start Your New Year Finances in the Cloud

The rapid growth of cloud-based financial management platforms in recent years has been fueled, in part, by the growth of software solutions that address specific financial functions, such as accounts receivable and accounts payable (AR/AP). The ability of these function-specific solutions to be integrated has added power to major platforms like QuickBooks and Intacct and enabled finance departments to shift most of their financial management to the cloud.

One example of a function-specific software solution is, an AR/AP system that integrates with QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and Intacct, among other platforms. By enabling users to make and receive payments using credit cards, ACH transfers, e-checks, and even international wire transfers, expands users’ ability to get paid on time and to keep up with vendor payments. is a cloud-based cash flow management software that ultimately helps a business save time and money on their AR/AP processes.

Getting started with is fairly simple, and your Adams Brown advisor can help get you started, even remotely.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of the AR and AP workflow, using

Accounts Payable

  • Upload: The first step is uploading a bill using a email. Invoices can be sent to this email, scanned, and uploaded, or even faxed. automatically scans invoices for details and enters them in the software.
  • Details: Once a bill has been uploaded and scanned the details are confirmed by the user to ensure the invoice number and all data is correct. After checking the details, you can now code the bill directly to the codes used in your accounting software. Once a vendor has been entered for the first time, the software generates the same code on subsequent transactions for that vendor. Options are available to change codes or create multiple levels of codes on subsequent entries.
  • Approval: Approvers can be set up according to your internal protocol, such as department heads approving bills that apply to their specific areas. Multiple layers of approvers can be established if needed, which can help maintain separation of duties. Approval is sent to the approvers as a notification to review the bill, and bills can be approved from any device.
  • Pay: The software pays a vendor via ACH, e-checks or credit card, according to your preference. If the vendor prefers paper checks, will print and mail checks automatically. There is an option to schedule recurring payments, as well.
  • Reconcile: Once a bill has been uploaded or paid you can sync to your accounting software and it will automatically update your books for bills due and paid. This eliminates threats of double entry, and all documents are stored in

Accounts Receivable

  • Automatic Invoicing: Invoices can be created on automatically with your logo and contact information. The details such as customer, amount, due dates, payment terms, and comment options are all available for each invoice. Invoices are sent via email for faster  payment.
  • Payment Reminders: Once the payment is coming due, or is overdue, sends reminder notifications to the customer. These can be personalized or automatic.
  • Electronic Payments: Electronic payments can be accepted in in the form of ACH, e-checks, credit card, and PayPal payments.
  • Reconcile: Finally, just like the accounts payable process, syncs directly to your accounting software and updates your books automatically for payments received. So there is no danger of double entry.

If you are interested in evaluating how can help your business’s cash flow management, please contact your Adams Brown advisor.