The Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) has extended the filing date for some 2019 corporate income tax return filers.   

If your Kansas-based business meets the criteria below, KDOR is allowing an extended filing date for 2019 corporate income tax returns to November 16, 2020, since November 15, 2020, falls on a Sunday.   

For any business with a tax year beginning in 2019 that properly extended their federal return due date (to October 15, 2020 or the applicable extended due date), KDOR will waive the late filing penalty if the Kansas income tax return is filed within an additional month of the federal extended due date.   

This penalty relief applies to the filing of 2019 Kansas corporate income tax returns only.  Penalties and interest may still apply for late payment.  If you don’t file by November 16, 2020, unless otherwise excused by KDOR, a late filing penalty will be imposed based on the October 15, 2020, due date.   

The taxpayer must mark on the return that an “October 15 to November 16 Penalty Relief Extension” is being requested.   

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