We’re operating in a business environment where “Cash is King” due to ever-changing market conditions. Now is the time to plan and make data-driven decisions to ensure opportunities to have a leg up on your competition aren’t missed.

Ensure long-term success with cash flow planning so you’re never late paying your employees or laying in bed at night wondering if a check to your most important vendor will clear. With proper cash flow planning in place, you can leverage opportunities with vendors, lock in better pricing for supplies, services, and materials, and manage labor costs. The importance of understanding when and where cash is entering and exiting your business cannot be understated. Tune in for advice and steps you can take in the new year.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understanding and leveraging a cash flow statement
  • The value of 12-24 month forecasting
  • Re-evaluating your overhead cost structure
  • Managing materials and labor costs
  • Navigating changing terms between vendors and customers