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In 2023, The Technology Specialist, Inc., developed a formal partnership with Adams Brown Technology Specialists. By partnering with Adams Brown Technology Specialists, we’re able to provide deeper services than we previously could in specific areas like penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, technology consulting and more. With the continued increase in cyber threats globally, this partnership will ensure we’re best positioned to help you prevent and/or overcome them.

We’re excited about this partnership because both companies work with similar businesses. With Adams Brown’s assistance, we look forward to expanding our reach and supporting even more businesses in our combined communities as the need for technology support continues to grow.

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Meet the Team

Brendan Giesick
Adams Brown Technology Specialists Director of Business Development
Steve Lee
Adams Brown Technology Specialists CISO & CTO
Chris Schneider
Adams Brown Technology Specialists CEO
Shayne Yonce
Adams Brown Technology Specialists Founder & Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

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