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Topeka is the 5th largest city in Kansas and serves as the state capital. Often referred to as Top City or the Golden City, the name refers to the color seen when the sunshine pours down on nearby hills and valleys. Aside from the lovely scenery, the city is rich with cultural and historical sites. The city is home to the Brown vs. Board of Education National Site, Kansas State Capitol, Evel Knievel Museum, Heartland Motorsports Park, and the Kansas Museum of History. Topeka is home to over 8,900 businesses employing over 112,000 workers. The top industries by employment include healthcare, manufacturing, retail, educational services, and public administration. Beyond this, the area was recently recognized as a Top 40 Best Run City and ranked 11th on the Wall Street Journal’s Great Places to Live list.

Topeka Business Incentives

There are many training, funding, and tax incentives available to local businesses or those looking to expand into the area. Eligibility is determined in part by business size, industry, and related activities. These include the First Opportunity Fund, Downtown Grant Program, Topeka Small Business Incentive, Choose Topeka Talent Incentive, Workkeys Testing, and Forge Young Talent.


Topeka Accounting Services

When a local company faces a financial reporting, tax compliance, or growth challenge, they turn to Adams Brown to help. Whether a company recently commenced operations or is well established, our firm can guide you through the most complex issues. Below is a summary of the assurance, tax, advisory and international services offered to Topeka businesses, owners, and executives, including: