David Herl

Hays, KS

How I help . . .

Clients need and deserve someone they can count on as a trusted advisor with respect to the opportunities and potential pitfalls that affect their financial needs and objectives. It is my goal to earn the trust of my clients and to be that person for them.

I see my essential role as helping them make good decisions, reducing the risk and uncertainty in their lives and ultimately helping them achieve their wealth preservation and accumulation goals.

“I am a lifelong Kansan and proud of it. I grew up in the small town of Collyer (Trego County), and I currently reside in Hays with my wife, Sonya, and daughter, Madelyn. When not working I enjoy reading, gardening and engaging and giving back to my community through volunteer work.”

Q&A with David

What does above + beyond mean to you?
Early in my career I had a conversation with Jim Adams, the firm's founder, about recruiting new clients. He said that the key to attracting new clients was to successfully serve and meet the needs of your current clients. I believe it was true then and it is certainly true now.
What does being a strategic ally mean to you?
Committing to being a lifelong learner and using the lessons I have learned to be able to anticipate, identify, and meet the varied needs of my clients.
What activity plays an important part in your life?
I try to engage in something creative every week - journaling, gardening, drawing, and I have recently taken up leather crafting. I'm not particularly gifted at any of it, but I get a tremendous amount of energy from the process, regardless of the end results.
What are some of your favorite things?
I love to read! For fun and decompressing, it’s hard to beat a good whodunnit. To broaden my knowledge, I enjoy works on history and current events. For direction and inspiration, it’s hard to beat the Bible – all of the really important questions have been answered there.
What inspires you?
People who were influential to me as a boy growing up and provided an example of integrity, competence, and showing up every day to bring the best they had. They are always in the back of my mind. I would never want them to find my efforts wanting.

Life Outside the Office

Hobbies & Interests

  • Reading and learning
  • Hiking and exploring
  • Gardening

Frequented Websites

  • Yahoo
  • Morningstar
  • Newspapers.com

Little Known Facts

  • I once sold cookware and other houseware products door to door.
  • I climbed Colorado’s highest mountain.
  • My thumbs are double jointed.

My Professional History




  • Fort Hays State University
    • Bachelor of Science, Finance and Accounting

Work Highlights

  • Job prior to joining Adams Brown: Program Manager at Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas, Inc.
  • Year joined Adams Brown: 1997
  • Year entered accounting: 1997


  • CPA
  • ABV
  • CFP