Kathy Couchman

Larned, KS

How I Help…

I started taking accounting courses in college as a placeholder until I figured out what I wanted to do because I was good at math. I quickly discovered accounting isn’t all pocket protectors and nerds.

I’ve stayed in public accounting because of the clients. I enjoy helping clients plan for how their tax implications will impact their business decisions.

There’s very rarely a straight road through the tax code. Finding the path that maximizes both the business and tax benefits can quickly advance a clients business goals.

I’m often in awe of the many talents and strengths of my clients. I love watching my clients reach their goals while improving or maintaining their way of life, knowing I’m helping in the background. With my family farm and ranch, I know all too well the struggles that many of my clients go through. I take pride in being their go-to person to find opportunities to help.

"I learned early in life that hard work and loyalty can take you places. If I'm not with my family at the farm, check the football field. I'm cheering on my favorite teams!"

Q&A with Kathy

What does above+beyond mean to you?
Above+beyond means getting to know my clients and their goals in order to anticipate questions or road blocks and having solutions ready to discuss. Clients are more than numbers on a return and every one is unique.
What is your favorite food?
What is your passion outside of work?
Outside of work, I'm passionate about helping my family. Whether it's working cattle with my parents, helping my husband on the farm or helping with my sons' T-Ball team, there's nothing better than helping the ones I love do the things they love.
What does your typical day look like?
Being married to a farmer and a mom of two growing boys, there is no typical day!
What is/was your biggest life challenge?
My biggest challenge is being a parent. Raising my children to be the best version of themselves is the most exhausting and rewarding thing I could ever imagine. I want to teach my kids that balancing a successful career and a fulfilling family life is possible, just like my parents taught me.

Life Outside the Office

Hobbies & Interests

  • Attending sporting events
  • Hunting
  • Reading
  • Boating at the lake

Frequented Websites

  • IRS.gov (0/10 recommend)
  • ksrevenue.gov (that’s even worse)

Little Known Facts

  • I’m an identical twin.
  • I turned 16 and 21 while visiting family in Canada, so I had to wait to get my drivers license and already had my first legal drink before 21.

My Professional History

Work Highlights

  • Year joined Adams Brown: 2023
  • Job prior to working at Adams Brown: VonFeldt, Bauer & VonFeldt Merger
  • Year entered accounting: 2010


  • CPA