Eric Lothian

Senior Audit Manager
Little Rock, AR

How I Help…

A local water irrigation district’s goal is to provide water to farmers from the Arkansas River through pump stations and canal networks to save the aquifer. Over the last three years, the water district received various federal grants to clean and build out a canal network to farmers. I actively worked with management ensuring federal compliance was met, while fielding questions and training their accountant on the properly accounting for quarterly federal reimbursement submission.

I initially became an accountant years ago with a focus on improving the control environments of a Class One railroad. However, after assisting the external auditors, my preferences changed from internal to external audit. The goal of improving controls, implementing new accounting guidance and supporting the vision of my clients has never wavered.

"I’m a husband and father of two young children. I love to run, hunt, but more importantly spend time with my family. You can also typically find me one weekend a month serving the citizens of Arkansas as Colonel in the Army National Guard."

Q&A with Eric

What does above+beyond mean to you?
Taking the time to first actively listen to your clients' needs and work collaboratively with management to ensure their strategic goals and dreams are met.
Do you have any specialized skills outside of work?
I was the finance chair in the Methodist Church my family attends.
What activity plays an important part in your life?
As a Christian going to and being involved in church is important for me and my family.
What is your favorite restaurant and why?
Macks in Heber Springs, Arkansas. I like catfish and beans and Macks' is always fresh.
What makes you unique?
I'm a man of many hats. I'm a father and husband, while being CPA, and leader within the Arkansas National Guard.

Life Outside the Office

Hobbies & Interests

  • Running
  • Hunting and just being outdoors
  • Woodworking (working with my hands)

Frequented Websites

  • WalMart – I do the weekly grocery shopping.
  • Army Knowledge Online – To keep track of the activities of my section during the month, so I can be affective on drill weekends.
  • Facebook – I’m from Vermont, so this provides a means for me to keep in touch with my family who still lives there.

Little Known Facts

  • I cannot whistle. People have tried to teach me how for years, but it simply does not work for me.

My Professional History


  • J3 or Domestic Operations Officer in the Arkansas National Guard

Work Highlights

  • Year joined Adams Brown: 2023
  • Jobs Prior to Adams Brown:
    • Priddy Holifield Ables – Principal
    • Windstream Communications – SOX/404 Manager
    • Saslow Lufkin and Buggy – Attest Manager
    • Union Pacific Railroad – Supervisor Internal Audit
  • Year entered into industry: 2002


  • CPA – Arkansas