Arlen Hamilton

Wichita, KS
El Dorado, KS

How I help . . .

I enjoy helping clients succeed regardless of where they are in the business lifecycle. Working to support clients by focusing on their business specialties is one of the many ways I provide value in the marketplace. Experience in multiple industries over my career allows me to share insights, strategies and tactics used by many large corporations.

One particularly satisfying experience was helping a healthcare organization grow their practice from a single owner to multiple owners – a more than doubling of practitioners – and exponentially increasing revenue and profitability. We looked at what a typical medical office’s productivity should look like by using industry benchmark data such as number of patients per day, practitioner mix and billing practices. The client could see that hiring and eventually partnering with additional practitioners would make the practice much more profitable. So she leveraged herself wisely and sought to manage the practice, rather than just lengthen the workday.

Outside of the business realm, I focus on strategic planning with trustees regarding trust administration, distributions, tax estimates and beneficiary taxation. This typically results in a very clear tax plan and well-served grantors and beneficiaries.

“I strive to help clients determine and realize their goals by developing a plan, executing that plan and periodically updating. I love helping turn business owners’ passions into profits and providing all my clients with a strategic ally.”

Q&A with Arlen

What does above + beyond mean to you?
There are a lot of compliance shops out there in the world, but above + beyond means to be a true strategic ally to clients by being available, providing counsel and strong technical expertise.
What do you enjoy most about your work at Adams Brown?
The available expertise amongst my colleagues, the focus on serving clients and the culture of making all team members feel included through diversity and inclusion. Realizing that diversity isn’t just color of your skin – age, background, where you grew up and currently reside – I appreciate the cultures of both urban and rural in this truly diverse company.
What is your family like and what are some things you like to do together?
We like to do craft beer tastings with the entire family, Sunday lunch every week, and my granddaughter comes and spends the night every few weeks.

Life Outside the Office

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sport shooting
  • Cycling
  • Boating
  • Hiking

Little Known Facts

  • This is my third career path!

My Professional History



Work Highlights

  • Year joined Adams Brown: 2020 through the merger of Adams Brown and M & L CPAs
  • Job prior to working at Adams Brown: Principal at M & L CPAs
  • Year entered accounting: 2009


  • CPA