Outsourced Payroll – Jonesboro (AR)

Jonesboro (AR) business owners are often busy managing the multiple demands and priorities on the journey to success. Essential decisions about new products/services, operational issues, and human resources are the main focus. Additional time is consumed by driving new sales, reviewing marketing campaigns, and exploring new ways to grow.

Unfortunately, this leaves little time for other tasks such as payroll. While most push through, it creates an inefficient and time-consuming process which often results in errors and other frustrations. To resolve the issue, many businesses look to an outsourced payroll provider to manage the process.

Jonesboro Payroll Services

Our payroll services include access to a number of features, including an employee self-service portal, hiring and employee onboarding, on-demand wages, pay as you go workers compensation insurance, retirement plans, time management systems and web-based payroll entry.

Customizable Self-Service and Full-Service Payroll Packages
Self-Service Full-Service
Input payroll data X
QuickBooks integration X X
Back-end compliance, including:

  • Quarterly and year-end tax reporting and filing
  • Detailed employer payroll reports
  •  State new hire reporting
Execute paychecks, including:

  • Professional paychecks and paystubs
  • Direct deposit
Prepare and file W-2s and 1099s X X
Manage voluntary deductions X X
Allocate wage garnishments X X
Print and execute paychecks X X
Manage multi-state tax payments and filings X X
Employee on-demand wages X X
Paperless Reports X X
Pay-go workers compensation insurance X X
Integrated HR software management, including:

applicant tracking, job board posting, onboarding, HR benefits enrollment, payroll, and more

$ $
Remote GPS employee tracking $ $
Timekeeping program $ $
Vacation accrual/PTO tracking $ $

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Jonesboro Outsourced Payroll

Adams Brown, Strategic Allies and CPAs provides outsourced payroll services to small and mid-sized businesses in Jonesboro, Little Rock, and across Arkansas.

We work with companies in a variety of industries to provide a seamless and integrated payroll experience. From full-service turnkey management to self-service solutions, our team offers scalable services to meet your needs today and in the future.