The only Kansas-based firm to be recognized in 2024

As businesses navigate the complexities of tax season, the need for reliable and proactive tax and accounting services has never been more important. In a timely announcement by USA Today, Adams Brown was honored on the list of “America’s Most Recommended Tax and Accounting Firms 2024.” This recognition is not just a testament to the firm’s expertise but also marks Adams Brown as the sole firm headquartered in Kansas.

Statista conducted comprehensive surveys last summer, reaching out to professionals in the tax and accounting sectors and their clients. The aim was to gather informed recommendations from peers who were asked to nominate up to 10 firms they would endorse if unable to serve a client themselves. Additionally, clients provided feedback based on their experiences over the past three years, offering insights into firms they would recommend.

“Our team’s dedication, especially during tax season, drives us forward and distinguishes us in a competitive landscape,” said Ben Wilson, CEO. “It’s a collective effort that sets us apart.”

The full list can be found on USA Today’s website.