Emphasis Placed on above+beyond® Service Philosophy

Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, Chartered has changed its name to Adams Brown as part of a rebranding effort to celebrate the firm’s 75th anniversary. The firm’s refreshed brand emphasizes its client service philosophy, and includes a new logo, colors and its first ever tagline.

“Over the years, we often referred to the firm as Adams Brown. However, many clients and people in our communities know us as Adams Brown,” said Brian Staats, CPA, CGMA, managing principal of Adams Brown. “The idea of using a shorter version of our full name compared to initials was just one of the many unique findings of our brand research.”

A series of focus groups and surveys were conducted with current clients, referral sources, prospective clients and team members. Key themes included the insight that the professionals of Adams Brown give more than expected, don’t cut corners and provide proactive service and ideas.

“In our discussions of the findings, we kept coming back to the fact that our clients say we give them more than expected,” said Korby Boswell, senior marketing and growth specialist at Adams Brown. “We compared that to what potential clients want from their CPAs, and there was a correlation in the proactiveness and partnership they desired. In simple terms, people appreciate receiving above and beyond service.”

The icon in the new logo reinforces the firm’s commitment to creating solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses. As illustrated in the firm’s rebranding video, the icon is purposefully placed above and beyond the name with arrows focused inward on a single element, the client.

“Our clients said they view us as a principal on their team who they can count on daily and especially when the going gets tough,” Staats said. “Essentially, we’re their ally, so we’re describing ourselves as strategic allies in addition to CPAs to emphasize that partnership.”

“We want to show that we provide more than what is expected to help business owners make decisions, grow, and prepare for the road ahead. Those who work with us will experience first-hand our brand promise of above+beyond,” Boswell added.

The new brand was rolled out internally as part of the firm’s 75th anniversary celebration. Effective January 1, 2021, the firm’s legal name will be AdamsBrown, LLC.