Missouri Farming Associations

Missouri, affectionately referred to as the Show Me State, is known for St. Louis Arch, Lake of the Ozarks, and the Kansas City Royals. Additionally, Missouri is also an agribusiness state. The landscape is filled with open fields and rolling hills, perfect for crop farming. Over 95,000 farm operations are cultivating 27M acres of land. The top crops grown in the state include soybeans (5.7M acres), corn grain (3.4M acres), and hay & haylage (3.2M acres). With these stats, it’s easy to see how to crop farming is an essential part of the state’s economy.

Many farmers face the same challenges regardless of crop or livestock focus. Concerns about productivity, legislative changes, tax and operational issues often make the top of the list. While advisors like Adams Brown, Strategic Allies, and CPAs, help farmers and ranchers navigate tax, accounting, audit, and other financial and agribusiness challenges, it is crucial to be aware of the various industry associations and groups that provide other essential types of support.

Missouri Crop Associations

Below is a list of the top Missouri crop associations and events to consider being a part of, including:

  • Missouri Soybean Association has been the voice of soybean farmers and others serving as part of the supply chain for over fifty years. The focus is on finding new ways to increase profitability and operations through legislative representation, public policy, and education programs. The association also publishes a semi-monthly magazine, Missouri Soybean Farmer, which explores issues critical to production. Finally, there are several resources, including Farm in Focus webinars, research projects, and the Center for Soy Innovation.
  • Missouri Crop Improvement Association provides third-party inspection and testing services for seed certification, quality assurance, and identity-preserved grain. Testing services include standard warm germination, accelerated aging (aa) testing, and seed purity/noxious weed analysis. Several field programs are offered, including seed certification, source identification, and weed-free hay and forage. Finally, various performance trials for corn, wheat, and soybean are also offered.
  • Missouri Corn Growers Association helps increase corn production profitability by expanding corn markets, distributing information and participating in the legislative process. Market development is an essential activity with a focus on the use of corn in ethanol, livestock maintenance, and corn export programs. Various educational programs for the public and corn growers are also offered. This includes Corn in the Classroom, HYPE Academy and several scholarship programs.
  • Missouri Agribusiness Association represents a variety of agribusiness interests and is an advocate for the business of agriculture. Several member services, legislative advocacy, and offer educational programs are also offered. The member services include container recycling, access to the Asmark Institute, and the annual summer meeting. Finally, there is a comprehensive guide to various organizations that can provide members with needed services.
  • Missouri State Beekeepers Association focuses on ongoing education, promoting networking, facilitating new business opportunities, and offering access to scientific research. There are several educational opportunities available through the Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program, classes on best management practices, the annual conference, and the Brood (the association’s newsletter). To generate awareness, the association created the Missouri Honey Youth Ambassador program, which offers access to a comprehensive list of speakers.

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