A Guide to Construction Industry Salaries

The 2023 Construction Compensation Report is a comprehensive resource for contractors seeking to benchmark their employee compensation and prepare future business strategies.

With the ever-present challenge of labor shortages in the construction industry, knowing how your company stacks up against industry standards for compensation is key. Whether you’re hiring new talent or aiming to retain your current team, this report offers crucial data for making informed decisions about salaries and benefits.

The full report covers the following topics:

  • Comprehensive Salary & Benefits Data: Gain insight into compensation packages across executive and industry-specific roles, allowing you to assess if your company’s offerings are competitive.
  • Salary & Bonus Trends: Understand how salaries and bonus structures are changing within the industry and identify the latest trends that could impact your company’s compensation strategy.
  • Salary Differentials: Discover how compensation varies by company revenue size and geographic location, giving you a broader view of how your business compares.

The 2023 Construction Compensation Report focuses on three key roles: Senior Project Manager, Senior Estimator and Controller, providing a deep dive into compensation structures for these positions. Our report synthesizes data from the 2023 Executive Compensation Survey for Contractors and the 2022 Construction Management Staff Salary Survey to give you the most current, reliable data.

Adams Brown is a member of CICPAC, a network of CPA firms focused on understanding and serving the construction industry. Adams Brown, CICPAC and PAS, Inc. partnered to compile the 2023 Construction Compensation Report.