Estate Planning – Jonesboro (AR)

Jonesboro (AR) business owners, families, and others conduct estate and trust planning to ensure the proper transfer of wealth and assets at the time of death. Estate planning is designed to overcome the tax issues and challenges most often associated with wealth transfer. There are numerous strategies, tactics, and tools which can be leveraged depending on your goals.

The result is a comprehensive plan that minimizes both state and federal estate taxes while ensuring your wishes are met.  A solid estate strategy also accomplishes your personal, charitable, and philanthropic goals, while ensuring heirs and beneficiaries receive the maximum amount possible.

For those that have already developed an estate plan, regular reviews are critical, especially in light of current changes and legislation.  Periodic reviews ensure the maximum savings amount will be secured. With the proposed changes to the federal estate tax exemption and estate tax rate, the importance of an estate plan review cannot be overstated.

This will allow the needed time to optimize your plan to put you in the best position possible.

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Jonesboro Estate Planning Services

Adams Brown, Strategic Allies, and CPAs, provides estate and trust planning to business owners, high net worth individuals, and family offices in Wichita, Kansas City, and across Kansas. From asset protection trusts and constructive trusts to tax projects and estate returns, our team stands ready to assist you with services including:

  • Estate & trust settlement guidance and planning
  • Federal estate & gift tax projections
  • Federal & state estate tax return preparation
  • Federal & state fiduciary income tax return preparation & projections
  • Financial statement preparation & related accounting services
  • Representation before the IRS on examination issues