Doing Business in Salina, KS

Why Pick Salina?

Salina is the 10th largest city in Kansas and serves as the seat for Saline County. It is home to Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina Art Center, Indian Rock Park, Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus and Kansas Wesleyan University. Businesses in the area range from large farms and agricultural businesses to well-known retail and manufacturing companies. The total workforce exceeds 23,000 with aerospace engineering, manufacturing, distribution, agribusiness, and alternative energy as the top industries. The area’s central location makes it ideal for shipping and logistical operations. Beyond this, Salina was identified as a contender for one of the 100 Best Places to Live by CNN Money Magazine. Salina is also the birthplace of Kansas’ 43rd Governor, William “Bill” Graves.

Salina Economic Profile

The city’s economy is composed of a diverse number of small businesses to large privately held companies. There are over 1,400 businesses located in the area with a total population of 54,303. Post pandemic, there has been a year-over-year employment growth rate of 8.45%. The top industries by employment include manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food services, and construction. The largest employers include Salina Regional Health Center, Kasa Industrial Controls and Vortex Valves.

Salina Business Incentives

Several business, tax, and financing incentives are available to businesses operating in Salina and across Kansas. Not every business will be eligible for each program as they are designed to target and incentivize different hiring, workforce development, and other activities. The primary programs include the High-Performance Incentive Program (HPIP), Kansas Industrial Retraining, Kansas Innovation and Technology Expertise, and the State Trade Expansion Program.

Salina Business Resources