Benchmarking with the 2024 Construction Compensation Report

For construction business owners, each day brings new challenges and opportunities, particularly in managing their most valuable asset: their workforce. In an industry as competitive as construction, understanding compensation trends is not just beneficial—it’s crucial for staying ahead. 

The latest Construction Compensation Report by CICPAC and Adams Brown provides an analysis of salary trends across key positions in the sector, focusing on Senior Project Managers, Senior Estimators and Controllers. 

The compensation structure varies notably across different types of construction work. For instance, Senior Project Managers in the heavy construction sector see average total compensation reaching $162,131, reflecting the demanding nature of these projects. In contrast, residential construction positions report lower, yet competitive, figures with an average total compensation of $139,762. 

The report also highlights the importance of company size in determining pay scales. In firms with revenues exceeding $500 million, Senior Project Managers can expect an average total compensation of $170,826, illustrating the premium placed on leadership in large-scale operations. 

For Senior Estimators, the compensation narrative unfolds similarly. With base salaries averaging around $117,728 and total compensation climbing to $133,131 with bonuses, the financial acknowledgment of their role in project planning and budgeting is evident. 

These figures emphasize the layered and nuanced landscape of construction industry compensation. Beyond just numbers, they represent a roadmap for business owners to navigate the complexities of financial planning, talent retention and strategic investment in human capital. 

Download the full report to ensure your compensation strategies are as sound and well-constructed as the buildings you raise. Contact Mark Barnett, Adams Brown’s construction accountant leader for more information.