Financial Rewards for Sustainable Practices

Kansas is advancing in the realm of regenerative agriculture, with the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts (KACD), in collaboration with Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM), pioneering a significant initiative. This program rewards Kansas farmers for adopting regenerative practices like planting cover crops. In 2022, the goal was to plant 100,000 acres of cover crops, which Kansas producers exceeded. The target for 2023 has been set at 200,000 acres, along with other regenerative activities for wheat producers.

Producers who enroll have the potential to receive up to $25 an acre per year, as well as a premium for grain delivered to ADM. The goal of this program is to promote sustainability and regenerative agriculture practices to help support continuous improvement of the agriculture supply chain. This program helps incentivize crop farmers, who are practicing regenerative agriculture, by adding financial and environmental benefits to their practices that positively impact the environment. It is meant to be easy for producers to adopt since it has short-term agreements with customized and local support.

The long-term benefits for farmers are clear. Implementing regenerative practices can lead to reduced input costs and higher yields, translating into sustained profitability. This initiative is more than an environmental effort; it’s a strategic business decision for forward-thinking farmers. By accelerating the adoption of these practices, the program aims to enhance soil health, reduce greenhouse gases, improve water resources and support wildlife.

For farmers looking to be a part of this innovative program, the local conservation district offices are the go-to resource. They offer assistance with program details and qualifications, ensuring every interested producer can access this opportunity.