In the midst of the technological revolution and the ever-changing face of industry, one thing remains constant: the heart and soul of America lies in its manufacturing prowess. Each year, the first Friday in October is recognized as National Manufacturing Day to promote the importance of manufacturing and showcase the career opportunities available in modern manufacturing.

Check out the list below of events happening in Kansas and Arkansas.

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MGF Day Events in Kansas

This year, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is hosting a manufacturing summit. It’s a gathering of manufacturers, educators, and community leaders to discuss the future and prevalent issues of manufacturing in Kansas. The event features speakers from diverse industries sharing insights on manufacturing innovations and developments. Attendees also have the opportunity to learn about products and services offered by Kansas companies and engage in networking activities. Learn more here.

MFG Day Events in Arkansas

National Manufacturing Day 2023 isn’t just a celebration of the industry’s past; it’s a deep dive into its present and an exciting glimpse into its future. Join in, be a part of the celebrations and take a moment to appreciate the hands and minds that build America.

For more information about MFG Day and National Manufacturing Month, contact the Adams Brown Manufacturing Industry team.