Kansas Department of Commerce Launches New Grant Programs to Bolster Workforce

The Kansas Department of Commerce recently announced the creation of new workforce grant programs totaling $30 million under the Aviation Learning Opportunities & Funded Training (ALOFT) and Delivering Residents and Workforce (DRAW) grant programs. Local businesses welcomed the announcement as a much-needed boost to their efforts to attract and retain top talent.

The grant programs will fund various workforce development initiatives, including training programs for in-demand skills, apprenticeships, internships and other workforce development projects. The funding will be available to businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions across the state.

The new grant programs come at a critical time for Kansas businesses as they continue to grapple with a tight labor market and a shortage of skilled workers. By funding workforce development initiatives, the programs aim to equip businesses with the tools and resources to build a robust and resilient workforce that can drive economic growth and innovation.

The DRAW program will provide $10 million in funding for training development for high-demand employers, such as healthcare, education, technology-based and entities working with persons with disabilities. DRAW eligible uses include:

  • Construction costs for on-site training facilities
  • Machinery, supplies, technologies and equipment solely for training purposes
  • Vendor training on machinery and equipment
  • Supervisor and management salaries directly related to training
  • Course development costs and services for the development of in-house training

Click here to view the DRAW program application.

The ALOFT program will provide $20 million in funding for training development and expansions requiring new job opportunities in the aviation and supply chain manufacturing industries. ALOFT eligible uses include:

  • All of the above DRAW eligible uses.
  • Youth training services and costs related to early interest development in aviation and aerospace industries.
  • Participation costs in the Kansas Registered Apprenticeship and Workforce AID programs.

Click here to view the ALOFT program application.

Local businesses should use these grant programs to invest in their workforce and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants can apply for both programs, but only one award can be made.
  • Applications must have a minimum match of 25 percent to be considered for an award.
  • Awardees will have two years to complete their projects and utilize all awarded funds.
  • Application due date – April 24, 2023

The Kansas Department of Commerce’s investment in workforce development is a win-win for businesses and the state. By funding training and development initiatives, the grant programs will help companies build a skilled workforce to drive economic growth and innovation. At the same time, these programs will provide Kansas residents with the training and education they need to succeed in the modern economy.

Adams Brown has been monitoring workforce grant programs requirements and our team is ready to assist companies with preparing applications, tracking uses and submitting necessary reports. Contact an Adams Brown advisor to learn more.