Manufacturing Industry Leaders Reflect on Their Careers and the Future

During Manufacturing Month, local manufacturing business owners and leaders shared why they love their industry and what they believe the future will look like. Read on to discover what these industry leaders take pride in and why you should consider a career in manufacturing.

What do you like most about working in manufacturing?

  • “Knowing that you can create a product that is useful throughout many different industries.” -Annette Pangburn, T&C MFG & Operating Inc.
  • “Manufacturing is always evolving. In our segment, we have found that boxing needs have increased significantly.” -Amy Shunick, Bennett Packaging of Kansas City, Inc.
  • “The relationships we develop with our vendors and customers.” -Justin Matlack, Stinger Inc.
  • “Everything we do has a purpose and fulfills a need had by customers…and there are so many opportunities to solve puzzles and figure out how to make a better product. This is a complex and interesting process to be a part of and to manage.” -Joe Leroux, Hess Services Inc.

What are you most proud of working in manufacturing?

  • “We are proud to know that what we make is made right here in the USA and can produce a product at an affordable price to our customers.” -Annette Pangburn, T&C MFG & Operating Inc.
  • “We are constantly changing and moving quickly. There is never a dull moment and always new products to launch!” -Amy Shunick, Bennett Packaging of Kansas City, Inc.
  • “Building American-made products for farmers.” -Justin Matlack, Stinger Inc.
  • “I am most proud of the difference we make in our community. Aside from the incredible skill set demonstrated day in and day out by our personnel and giving those quality people an outlet for that skillset, we provide them a career.” -Joe Leroux, Hess Services Inc.

Why should others consider a career in manufacturing?

  • “It’s a hard job but a very rewarding job. In today’s world, manufacturing is competing quite nicely with other industries on a pay scale. It’s a job where you can be trained with no prior experience and excel.” -Annette Pangburn, T&C MFG & Operating Inc.
  • “There are many segments to manufacturing and many opportunities to learn. It is also a great opportunity to get involved with implementing process efficiencies, being involved with pricing and margins and many more areas.” -Amy Shunick, Bennett Packaging of Kansas City, Inc.
  • “It brings a feeling of pride to look at a finished product and know you took part in building that.” -Justin Matlack, Stinger Inc.
  • “The manufacturing career path offers a variety of positions. Whatever one’s interest might be, there is a career within manufacturing that meets that interest and gives someone a wonderful starting point to a varied career of interest and challenge. As the demand increases for a skilled workforce in this career field, the ability for someone to carve a worthwhile, well compensated career path presents itself.” -Joe Leroux, Hess Services Inc.

What do you predict the next year in manufacturing will look like?

  • “This isn’t an easy question to answer. All we know with everything going on in the world today is that no matter what kind of product anyone produces, it can become extinct at any time. But that’s the beauty of manufacturing; we can always adapt with the versatility of manufacturing and produce a new product. We always must be thinking of tomorrow and not dwell on yesterday.” -Annette Pangburn, T&C MFG & Operating Inc.
  • “For us, there will always be a need for boxes, displays and packaging. We see this segment still in growth mode.” -Amy Shunick, Bennett Packaging of Kansas City, Inc.
  • “We predict our sales to remain strong while supply chains continue struggling to get back to where we were pre-pandemic.” -Justin Matlack, Stinger Inc.
  • “I predict you will see a significant uptick of activity in the manufacturing sector this next year. This year seemed to be a year of rebuilding and healing from the impact of COVID-19 on the manufacturing world. In the next year, as supply chains recover and the cost of materials right themselves, I predict next year will be a year of needed recovery and growth as that demand is expended in an environment ripe for manufacturing to sell goods in a market advantageous to both businesses and consumers.” -Joe Leroux, Hess Services Inc.

The last few years have been unpredictable, but the industry has stepped up and continues to provide solutions to consumers at home and abroad. Based on these predictions, the coming years may be unpredictable, too.

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