Shannon Brown

Director of Operational Excellence
Overland Park, KS

How I help . . .

I connect the dots between strategic and tactical initiatives and assist in developing a culture of continuous improvement. This allows clients to meet their goals by creating more efficient processes and empowering their teams to excel in project execution.

I collaborate with my clients to identify their challenges, develop solutions to those challenges and obtain consensus from the team that the solutions are appropriate. My superpower is that I’m able to provide current-state solutions that offer a quick return on investment, while identifying and working towards future solutions at the same time.

“I'm eclectic and enjoy speaking with and learning from people with different experiences and points of view.”

Q&A with Shannon

What does above + beyond mean to you?
It means that I'll do the right thing to assist, regardless of the cost or time needed.
What activity plays an important part in your life?
Yoga, meditation, gardening and music
What makes you unique?
I'm unique because I have several interests and pursue them all. I'm eclectic in my hobbies and what I read, cook and listen to. I don't fit into one genre or category.
What inspires you?
My family, nature and anyone who's overcome challenges to achieve their dreams.
What is your favorite/least favorite word and why?
My favorite word is optimism. There is always something positive in a negative experience. At times you have to dig for it, but it's there.

Life Outside the Office

Hobbies & Interests

  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Home improvement
  • Reading
  • Cooking

Frequented Websites

  • K-State
  • American Society for Quality
  • PMI – Project Management Institute
  • Joe Gardener

Little Known Facts

  • I’m from Texas but have lived in Missouri and Kansas most of my life.
  • I don’t have a Texas accent but may speak with the Texas drawl at any given time.
  • I like heavy-metal music.
  • I had a book dedicated to me.

My Professional History


  • American Society of Quality, senior member
  • Extension Master Gardener, K-State
  • The Learning Club, Kansas City KS/MO


  • Webster University
    • Bachelor of Arts, Management/Business Administration

Work Highlights

  • Year joined Adams Brown: 2021


  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt