Career Intersects with Hobby: A Passion For Speed

Since he was a kid, Baron Green has been obsessed with cars. His father was an auto mechanic and drag racer, which allowed Baron to learn from a young age. He was 13 when he got his first car, which was a 1977 Ford Ranchero. Over the next few years, he restored the exterior with body work and paint and outfitted it with a more powerful engine. To date, he’s built five different engines for his first car. Since this is the car he occasionally takes drag racing, his goal is to make it faster each time.

However, the Ranchero is a multi-purpose car. Baron takes it to car shows, poker runs, drag races, and the occasional trip to the grocery store. He also owns a 1973 Mustang, which is a purpose-built car strictly for drag racing. He doesn’t race consistently or follow the competitive circuit, but he can be found at various drag strips across Kansas and Nebraska.

How Does Your Hobby Relate to Your Career?

“Building and racing cars is very much built on challenge and perseverance. It takes a lot of work and a lot of practice to continually keep getting faster, but there’s no better feeling than setting a goal and working to overcome it. The same goes for my professional career. Accounting is full of challenges, but there’s a great amount of satisfaction that comes from overcoming those challenges. Racing is almost always a team effort as well. Almost all competitive racers will tell you that their success largely depends on the crew around them. The same is true at Adams Brown. The people I work with come from all different backgrounds and have all kinds of hobbies, but at the end of the day, it’s great to have a team around me willing to help each other out.”

Supportive Leadership: Balancing Work & Play

Adams Brown has always encouraged and supported Baron’s personal and professional growth. The year after he graduated, his manager allowed him to take the summer off to pursue his CPA. Having time off was a great help when it comes to getting your CPA license. He appreciates Adams Brown’s flexible working hours, which includes closing at noon on Fridays outside of tax season. This flexible Friday schedule gives Baron enough time to get home, load up the cars, and head to the racetrack for the weekend. He’s also able to take a full week off every summer to participate in a week-long racing event called Rocky Mountain Race Week. He appreciates working at a firm that supports and challenges him professionally, as well as allowing him the time to pursue his hobbies.

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