Kansas City Outsourced Accounting

Managing a Kansas City business can be a challenge requiring the ability to focus on multiple projects, priorities, and people. For many, this includes account management, new business development, product innovation, and even expanding into new markets. This comes against the backdrop of necessary human resource issues such as employee management and employee recruiting. Managing these responsibilities can often leave you with little time to address items such as accounting and financial reporting. While certainly important, it is often moved to the bottom of the priority list, receiving attention only when reporting is needed. The lack of accurate reports and financial information leaves many company leaders like yourself looking for another solution to resolve the challenge.

Outsourced accounting provides the structure, expertise, and knowledge your company needs while freeing up your time to focus on the numerous other important aspects of your business. When seeking a provider to manage your accounting needs, it’s essential to work with an experienced firm that understands your issues and concerns as well as the factors impacting your industry.

Businesses across the Kansas City metro area and beyond look to us to lead their accounting, payroll, financial reporting, and analytical business functions.  By outsourcing the management and optimization of your accounting systems and processes, you’ll be able to leverage your data to make strategic business decisions.  Having a CPA firm partner managing your back office eliminates the need for you and your team to be trained on your accounting program, such as QuickBooks, and the ever-changing financial regulations.  The core industries we serve include agriculture, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, oil & gas, real estate, restaurant, and retail companies.

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Many benefits can be realized from outsourcing. Although some are obvious, others reflect the additional value that Adams Brown brings to the table, including:

  • Enables owners and managers to concentrate limited resources on their core business
  • Saves on employment costs such as salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, training, and recruitment expenses
  • Diminishes the need to spend time and money trying to keep up with an avalanche of new laws, policies, procedures, and technologies
  • Provides access to accounting and finance professionals who are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable
  • Reduces risk and allows for greater internal controls
  • Streamlines accounting tasks to produce higher quality results

Kansas City Outsourced Accounting Services

Adams Brown can assist with your company’s various accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll needs, including:

  • Posting cash receipts and disbursements
  • Reconciling bank accounts monthly
  • Processing accounts payable including obtaining proper account codes
  • Managing payroll and payroll reporting
  • Managing invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Preparing general ledger and financial statement compilations
  • Compiling data required for tax returns
  • Preparing sales tax returns

Kansas City – Essential Facts

  • Highest Paying Jobs – The highest paying jobs for residents include architectural occupations ($60,000), law enforcement occupations ($58,000), health diagnostics occupations ($56,700) and computer and mathematical occupations ($54,000).
  • Common Industries – The most common industries of employment include health care and social assistance (8,626 people), manufacturing (8,330 people), retail trade (7,248 people), construction (6,840 people), and accommodation and food services (5,330 people).
  • Domestic Production/Consumption – The top domestic production includes Mixed Freight ($30B), Cereal Grains ($25B), and Coal NEC ($23B).

Source: Data USA  

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